About us

We are a brand built on cultural heritage, integrity, dedication, and respect. GAKONDO brand continues to bring innovation to everyone; through inspired traditional values, morals, and ethics our beautiful Rwandan culture. 

Gakondo is an emblematic word from the Kinyarwanda language loosely meaning “ Origins”.  It has woven itself into the Rwandan culture, after centuries worth of rich and diverse legacies.

The origin of the word “GAKONDO”is credited with Gihanga Ngomijanathe first king of Rwanda. It is said that he was the one who created the first prevailing army of renowned glaive given the name “GAKONDO". 

Our mission

To promote an interactive culture through pioneering products inspired by Rwandan traditions.

Our Vision

To become a cultural heritage brand which through innovation, creates and provides high quality products inspired by the Rwandan culture