The Dark Continent KS Campaign

Dark Continent celebrates the history of the African culture and the empires responsible for shaping the continent and the people. This project was borne out of a passion for African history and playing cards. 

The extensive research into this deck has been taken from many sources, delving into the rich tapestry of cultural life full of honour, betrayal, theft and war.
All 54 cards are custom and have been hand drawn by talented Ugandan artist, Chakamoi Laker-Ojok. With the world standing still, Chaka used this time as an opportunity to create this beautifully detailed deck. Countless hours were spent perfecting something so near and dear to his own heart. 

Please join the Gakondo team as we take a journey through the ages and explore 4 of the major powers that shaped the rich cultural tapestry of that mysterious land once known as the Dark Continent.

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